How Much does it Cost to Replace My Home Window Glass?

Updated: May 29, 2021

The cost to replace your home or storefront window glass are based on several factors. I will help explain what those factors are, to give you a better understanding of how glass replacement jobs are priced. • The size of glass When estimating for a glass replacement project, the first thing we look at is the size of the piece of glass that needs to be replaced. Glass is priced by the square foot. To determine the square footage of your glass, measure the width (in inches) and multiply it by the height (in inches) then divide that number by 144. That gives you the square footage.

Square footage also determines if more than 1 person is needed to complete the job.

• The type and color of glass

The next thing we look at is the type of glass that needs to be replaced. Is it a single pane, or a double paned insulated unit. Is it annealed or tempered?

Annealed glass is usually found in most home windows. When it cracks, it breaks into big chunks. Tempered glass breaks into thousands of tiny pieces. Tempered glass is required in doors, and windows that are next to doors, and in walkways where they are lower than 18" to the ground or floor. We also look at the color of the glass. Is the glass Clear or is it Low-E? Sometimes it could be bronze or grey tinted.

• Type of window The type of window will also be a factor in determining the price of the glass replacement project. There are many different types of windows. The most common types are vinyl and wood. Most windows have what we call glazing beads, or (stops). They are what surrounds the edge of the glass. To replace the glass, we need to temporarily remove them from the sash. Some windows do not have stops, and are built surrounding the glass. We call them knock aparts. The sash needs to be removed from the window frame and are usually screwed together in the corners. Each type of window takes a different amount of time to accomplish the glass removal and reinstallation of new glass. • Location of window

The location of the window in your home or business is also a determining factor.

Will an extension ladder or scaffolding need to be used to reach the window. So as you can see, many variables are taken into consideration to determine the cost of a glass replacement project. At Janesville Glass and Shower Door, we have 30 years of residential and commercial glass replacement experience and knowledge. So the next time you have professional glass replacement needs for your home or business, we hope you reach out to us.

We are your Rock and Walworth County Wisconsin glass repair experts.

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